Calculation and optimization of correlation function in distillation method of lattice quantum chromodynamcis (in Chinese)

Zhang Ren-Qiang, Jiang Xiang-Yu, Yu Jiong-Chi, Zeng Chong, Gong Ming, Xu Shun

Acta Physica Sinica, 70, 161201 (2021) DOI: 10.7498/aps.70.20210030



Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)

Research Intern @ Internet-Graphics Group, Oct 2022 - Present

Neural Relighting Research with NeRF Scene Representation

Graphics and Parallel System Group (GAPS), State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University

Research Assistant, March 2021 - July 2022

Differentiable Appearance and Geometry Acquisition

Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)

Research Intern @ Internet-Graphics Group, July 2021 - Oct 2021

Performance Acceleration for Large Scale Real-Time Graphics Super-Resolution Neural Networks

Zhejiang University Super Computing Team (ZJUSCT)

Team Leader & Member, July 2019 - July 2022 (Selected as team leader since May 2021)

Practiced high performance program optimization skills including program logic, compilation options, MPI configuration, GPGPU programming and cluster communication. Recently we start to investigate areas like MLSys and DPU.


ZJU MirrorZJU's new open source software mirror site. I worked as the project leader, also partipated in front-end development and all back-end development.
ZJU GitZJU's Git service. I worked as the project leader, helped deploy and maintain this platform for all students and faculty in ZJU.
Yuan-GPT Pre-training
[Code will release after ASC22/23]
A codebase for pre-training GPT models on Yuan Chinese corpus, benchmarks multiple SOTA distributed training framework, used in ASC22 Preliminary Round.
Bert RACE LightningBERT/DCMN/DUMA language model for RACE implemented with PyTorch Lightning and huggingface transformers, used in ASC20-21 Onsite Final.
GNCGNC (GNC is not C) is a toy compiler written in Rust and is ported to pure frontend via WebAssembly. To overcome the limitations of LLVM, I wrote a JS runtime called HLVM which takes AST as IR and interprets it. An visualization tool is also available.
MSaaSMedical System as a Service (MSaaS) is a cross-platform medical system supporting iOS, Android, Web, and PWA. Beside the basic CRUD system, it also leverages WebRTC to support video chat and NLP model to provide basic medical support.
Overfit-SDFUse neural network to overfit 3D object's SDF geometry representation, implemented in PyTorch.
AI-Seal ProjectOne of my web development projects featuring AI-driven Seal Generation, I implemented the backend system, a background management system (with frontend), and deployed all of these.
Covid-19 VisualizationVisualizing statistics during the Covid-19 using customizable layout, implemented in React.js. SSR feature provided by Next.js.


Programming Languages

Familiar: C, Python, C#, JavaScript

Basic: C++, Java, TypeScript, Go, Rust

Web Development

Frontend: React.js, Next.js

Backend: ASP.NET, Gin, Echo, Flask

Database & ORM: EF Core, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresDB

Cache: Redis

High Performance Computing & MLSys

OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, TVM, DeepSpeed

Computer Graphics & Computer Vision

OpenGL, OpenCV, OptiX

Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

NumPy, Pandas, SkLearn, PyTorch

System Maintanence

Linux, Docker, Singularity, Grafana, Prometheus

Electronic Design & Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems: Arduino, Platform IO

FPGA Programming: Verilog, Chisel, Vivado, ZYNQ

PCB Design: Altium Design


Git, Vim, GDB, Latex